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knew last month. >> reporter: in hayward, da lin, kpix 5. >>> new tonight a san jose city official says google executives should have their own private airport at mineta san jose international. they want to build it for business jets owned by google. san jose's aviation director says the plan would bring jobs and money to san jose. airport officials want to discuss it with the community as well as the economic development committee next month. >>> our live high-def doppler radar shows another round of rain is on the horizon. here's chief meteorologist paul deanno. >> unless your kids have soccer practice this evening, this is good news because we could certainly use the rainfall. here it is. kpix 5 high-def doppler radar showing a marked increase in activity especially north of the golden gate over the past hour or so. watch out petaluma, novato, mill valley, it's going to be raining soon there and it will be steady at times. watch out in san francisco, south city, south of san mateo and redwood city, that batch of rain off to your west is headi
city, kentfield and concord. cool skies, clearing off rapidly many of you in the 30s before midnight. low pressure shifted south. some got half inch of rain but widespread between a tenth and quarter inch which is not enough to break the deficit but it helps. now it's out of here. high pressure off to our west is going to stay there. it will be close enough to keep us sunny and dry and since it's off to the west we are getting a northerly flow which will keep us around normal temperature-wise for the next several days. and with high pressure not going anywhere for the next week, we're looking at 10 hours of sunshine all the way through valentine's day. it's all about the sunshine. clear skies at night means 30s away from the water down near freezing inland. and tomorrow will be the chilliest day of the next several. it will be pretty chilly mid- 50s that's it. fremont 56, vallejo 57, oakland you will hit the upper 50s. 59 degrees for a high. your extended forecast is sunshine across the board every day. full sunshine all the way through n
, the position of the city council is that high- speed rail should be terminated because it is not what was portrayed to the voters back in 2008. >> reporter: besides the expansion, the project was originally priced at $33 billion. now it's $68 billion. but it's not the price tag that draws the fire of atherton, menlo park, palo alto, belmont, brisbane and burlingame. it's the land lost to eminent domain and the cost an inconvenience of years of construction. >> the lack of credibility that they brought to the table and the lack of integrity that has been challenged by the people that live on the peninsula and the original proposal -- we were concerned that what we saw was not something that anyone in this community would accept. >> reporter: now state senator jerry hill has a legislative proposal that could ease the opposition and put peninsula communities behind the high- speed rail project. it guarantees money for electricification of caltrain, limits the right of way to two tracks through most of the peninsula, and gives caltrain veto authority if
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3